Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sweet Silverdale

Montee dog the Studio technician really has not been well, he has now had a skin problem for some time which is getting worse and worse.  He even had to have three by-ops last Friday and with his head back in a light shade, let me tell you, he's fed up! I could not look at his beautiful sad face any longer in his studio bed, so off we went yesterday to sample the most unspoilt countryside in the region, Silverdale and grab him some good sea air.

It was a tad breezee and wet as you can see from below, but my good friend the artist John Baldwin soon picked us up from the station and took us back to his Silverdale home for a spot of lunch, including home made potato salad from Jazzy spuds, honest , again look below.

Montee's spirit was lifted although it doesn't look like it on the picture but that is because we had to drag him out of the Gallery tea shop back into the rain.

John and I below

Things to do in Sunny Silverdale:
                              Tea and cake at the gallery
                              Play the 13th hole at the golf Club, once voted one of the countries best

                             Learn a little about the victorian auther Elizabeth Gaskell who wrote books here

                             Get stuck in the sinking sands up to your neck

We did none of the above but we had a bloody good day and don't foget (Look to the sign at the top)

One more thing before I go, lovely Ron who was Montt's best chum who died not so long ago had his meerkat taken from his place of rest, well a big fat raspberry to them as Montee and me found him another Ta daa! (back to how it was, below)

Oh and I hope you all go out and buy the Lancashire mag and have a look at the write up!

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