Tuesday, 12 April 2016

That's All Folks

It's Springtime!
And this means we have to stop the fester and get outside! Although you haven't heard from me in a while there's no real festering…..between working I've been out in the daylight taking a lungful but also contemplating the future. What are my desires and dreams? What will be my next venture? I was feeling a bit like I'd gone off the boil and needed to get my teeth into something a bit more gritty and talk about good timing…..that's when I got the news through that the Arts council had decided to fund my new project!

So Big top hats off to them as I'm now running on plenty, and fuelled for the year! Fabulous!

Silverdale getting some sea air

 Early ideas for the new work, working in sculpture, video and photography

      Early mock up
 Technician at the beach
And below my new picture although this image is not the finished pic

I've also been helping out with "The Shop" in Nelson, "In-Situ" an artist led collective working with people, place and environment of Pendle has taken over the project and I am now looking over the running of a new boutique inside this wonderful new hub, called "The Magic Lantern" the new shop will open on Saturday April 30th so come along to the open…..12-5pm and catch the fashion show!

 Below before the work started on the new do at "The Shop"

My Fave Place, I just go here,look at the windmill and then know what to do.
That's all folks!

Monday, 18 January 2016


Now I'm not right good with new years, I was all positive and feeling up for it and then when I got back to the studio I felt a bit deflated....ho hum, I guess I was hoping my new picture would be near enough finished but of course it wasn't!

Two weeks on and this hum dinger is FINISHED, so in between the hoola hooping and star jumps (it's so bloody cold) today I declare it's done!

Studio technician Montee below helping

So another day another picture, I'll crack on with the work even though Bowie is no more, I've already been pouring my heart out on that one, so to transform dullness and smooth out any winter blues, I'll throw myself into the centre of my artistic universe,  key protagonist (just for a change,,,,Ouchy!)  in a world populated by proliferating bad news..... but one only lives once so I've already booked my train to go and look at everyone in the south at the end of this month, now that will cheer me no end, it's just the little things,,,,obvs!