Sunday, 21 April 2013

Catching A Show

Off again to the city early next week to put into action plans for the Sylvia Plath work, already we have a first showing at the Parish church in Heptonstall (were Sylvia rests) but my aim next week is to make plans with Sandra Higgins for where they go next.

Lucky for me my good friend John Baldwin is also in town so we'll no doubt catch as many shows as physically possible over the two days, oh and have lots of tea and cake and then back home to finish the final painting of my Plath set, no. 6

A quick preview below is a detail of the painting "Daddy" I think this may be my star of the show!

Hey has everyone met Flora? A new drawing below, one of the three I have on display in the Cross Gaits, Blacko.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Eggs

It wasn't all about chocolate last week on the build up to Easter but on my trip to London I did have Eggs on my mind!

Straight off the train and into the British Museum to meet Jim Peters for a tour of the building and then the Ice Age exhibition, Jim was kind enough to invite me to see the show on the strength of him seeing my show last November, swapping a good experience for a good experience!

Small foot pendants, death masks, horses teeth and going through doors you're not supposed to were only part of it. Jim also showed me tiny carvings that opened up into more tiny carvings that blew my mind but also captured it to the point of a meditative state, well it would have if I'd of looked at it any longer. As soon as I arrived Jim showed me a box of hair that had a ridiculous age to it, I kind of knew right then what I was in for. All this stuff and more made me feel I was part of a Indiana Jones film, I had a fantastic time and found myself walking into a post on the way out with my head so in a spin (yes Jim if you're reading this,it's true)

Below a highlight of the tour....Old man chained to toilet sucking on young girls breast..... What?

I then went on to stay with my wonderful friends the Passey's, dropped my bags and then onto see a show by artist Sarah Simmonds at the RKB gallery.

I know Sarah from the Arts club and believe me there was a good turn out from the members at her show, the gallery was full with a grand warm vibe displaying a new series of screen-prints that act as a visual response to her research into the Bermondsey factory women's strike August 1911, great work and a good night was had.

The day after was spend on a egg hunt for my basket as part of my Easter Rabbit get up for our annual "Easter" Hatting at the Club with a spring theme, Jan and I swooped round in Wandsworth for a serious egg collection then back to get ready for the doo!

Staircase shots (it's tradition) before we go out then onto the club.

My eggs went down a treat, no fights mind but all eyes were on my supply but I think I was rumbled in the outfit department as my good friend Catherine who came in as "Frock Porn"... frogs galore with a lily pad on head, alas no pic, club policy!
Below Stuart, Jan and I after the do at midnight, quite fresh and not bad going to say we got there for 6.30.