Monday, 11 March 2013

In ThE Frame!

It does seem a bit bonkers--the month says Spring and the snow outside and the rest of daily life still shrouded in grey, depressing! Still, if you're looking for something to perk you up, then an art hit is an easy way to do it, and if you're feeling new-seasonal, then a colourful splash will satiate those desires for something that feels more hopeful!

The work went up today for our next showing of Higherford Mill Artist at the Cross Gaits Pub, Blacko. Come meet the Artists and view the all new exhibition, a collection of fine art, quirky and traditional, a real refreshing antidote to Ikea's etc mass produced.

Putting up the work below

(below( Sean"s all over it, he"s always up for a party
If, like me, you're trying to ignore the biting chill set out on Thursday eve, 7pm and be welcomed by an open fire and a free glass of Sean's punch.

Well........See you there!