Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Guardian Review

My very first Guardian review, and I think they summed me up!
I was over the moon, and even more so to be next to Bruce Nauman, I'm a big fan.


We didn't get as many Mousey Moochers as we would of liked due to the horrid rain over the weekend but here's one cheeky Cat that came after them mouse tails!

Fun before the Run, although that nip of sherry I think gave us a sparkly edge

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Open Studios this Weekend!

This Saturday and Sunday


Forget all you know, there's a new way of shopping that doesn't involve an undignified scramble for the latest fad! Yes step away from the shops and internet, the new goal in the game is to get beyond the boring and trumping the system and come along to our open studios and find that extra ordinary gift/purchase. And don't be put off by the artists being as mad as a box of fleas or feal like you've to  dress like the couture version of end-of-pier attraction (leave that to me!)

This weekend Saturday and Sunday 16th-17th, 11am until 4pm
 There's a Mousey Mooch, T' Mill (trail)
Lots of Tea and cake and spookee goings on for the 400th Anniversary of the Pendle Withch Trials

All WELCOME as we just like having people over!

Just to keep you up to date. My Pendle Investigation show has proven busy and yes you can still catch it at the "Dukes" gallery in Lancaster, two weeks to go folks!

I went again last Friday to see "Sabbat" a play now showing there, it was wonderful how the trials were truly brought alive, I urge you to go (below the horrid meat hooks in the round)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Pendle Investigation

Twas the next part of my Pendle Witch Trials touring exhibition, this time in Lancaster at the Dukes. The Red Witch cocktail was flowing and there was lots of good chatter about the work!

Simon at the gallery had done a super job with the work and usage of the space

Mr John and his delightful charm on refreshments made the whole night go with such a fantastic flow!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Up Woods

Here I go in a (singy songy) way, if you go down to the wood today your going to get a surprise, and that's exactly what you get if you go and view my good friend Phillippe Handford's open air studio and now mini sculpture park this coming August! I've been trying to get there for some time but with work and the British weather I had not, until this week. I was blown away with the creations up there by Phil himself being head artist on this project and also three other artists too, all in aid of the Pendle Witch Trails 400th anniversary.Below Phil causing trouble again with that there hill! And two of his pieces.

 What a magnificent stump!
And well, one had to get involved, Phil did say it would hold anyone
What with spookee spiders to find and hanging bats to spot, this will be a wonderful day out, so watch this space for the opening date this August and hey, don't forget your picnic for a super open (fresh) air experience.