Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Groove is in the Heart

To the capital I went last Thursday, only just dropped the holiday bags and off I went again, the groove in the heart of this place was colour colour colour!

John B and I started the mini adventure with the preview of Bert Irvin's wonderful show "Fidelio" for over fifty years, his work has been predicated on conviction that non-descriptive colours, shapes, brush marks and without recourse to illustration, his paintings seek an engagement with that mysterious presence that animates nature and all living things,and as usual we were blown out of the building with a super hit of colour and presence!
The show was packed so we went again the day after for a more personal view,
The evening carried on through the streets of the city were we came upon a familiar face, Louis Vuitton has moved up a gear with the help of Yayoi Kusama, my god that lass works hard, even through the night, we came upon her still doing the windows,

John in Kusama world, look at the colour!

The rest of the trip (well after a night at the club) was spent taking in the art, our day was packed with visits to galleries and of course stops for tea and cake
my eyes fixed on the cake! I arrived home that night to find the Xmas box I'd been sooo waiting for and  I'm now back to work with lots of new colours, brushes     and new mediums to try, with compliments, Winsor and Newton!
One more thing! The poster has been up for two weeks now, hope you can all make it this Saturday, Pendle Gallery
 6.30 - 8.30
See You There!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Another night, another Art jolly

I was looking forward to blogging the celebration of paint, as in my new found supplier Winsor and Newton, they saw the article about my work in the Guardian and phoned to see what I needed, GREAT! So I wanted to share the opening of the first box of oils etc before I go on me Hols, I was told yesterday it was only just posted, you can imagine it will be like Santa has been. So I turn to practical dressing, the pics that have at last come to my inbox of parties a few months before, below with my lovely friends the Passey's (Easter Hat for the club)

Jan wasn't to keen on my socks with this look, but I thought they added a Wonker edge!

Now, dressing for the British summer isn't easy so I opted for keeping oneself warm with a housecoat look with statement ears for this Sussex do, I went for the 1-2-3 approach; hat, pipe and frock combo. If it ain't broke, why fix it?   BelowAnji and I, oops more Wonker!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

How much can you fit in a week?

Busy Busy Bee twas me starting last Tuesday popping along to have a look at John Baldwin's show at the Storey Institute in Lancaster, below John and a new piece

We had a super day and the sun was trying it's best to get out so we went on to have a spot of lunch at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe, has to be done, Monts and me below

Next I was off to London for the Piper Gallery opening party, staying at the Chelsea Arts club I met Simon D for a quick drink at Euston station then off to the club to get ready.

And so to the West End, although there was no sign of a taxi for us so only the finest of chariots would do, we ended up flagging down a bike taxi and my oh my is it only the only way to travel! We laughed all the way it was such fun, I think people thought we'd planned it as we arrived at the door to celebrate the launch.
Inside we soon got into the swing of things as the presecco was flowing, there were lots of arty people and a few famous faces, my dayglow green number and fan got the photographers going check out my party look below and also in Bystander- Tatler online magazine (latest party pics)

I had a splended time, had a few painting talks with the two artist showing and met a few new friends, we then went off back to the club where more drinks wer'nt required but hey ho!

Yesterday was spent sorting the Pendle investigation work for it's next part of the tour, this time at the Ace Centre Gallery, also I was interviewed by Kirsty Rose, which you can read on the Pendle Gallery blog. Few! Back to work I think!