Monday, 27 June 2011

Helen Oxley's wedding

Helen (one of us at the mill) got married this Saturday! A fabulous Tea party was had, cake,tea and plenty of bubbles, the weather wasn't great but we still had a few takers on the Coconut shy.

The day was amazing, Helen looked stunning in her vintage looking gown, and you can see from the smile on Darren's face, he is the cat with the cream!

Ziggy was the name of the game with us artists, then I think at some point he really turned up?

I know!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Monday I met up with my friend Barbara and we went to visit the fantastic show of Jaume Plensa's work in Yorkshire Sculpture park. We couldn't of picked a better day for weather, first we had lots of fun doing the trails viewing Barbara Hepworth, Henry moore with such an amazing backdrop.  We loved Sophie Ryder's bunny and had a play in Grey world's "Playground" although couldn't set off the sensor, then some children came along and started jumping all over and we soon got the idea!

Barbara in a Barbara

The Bunny  S. Ryder

We were blown away with Jaume Plensa's Alabasta Heads, you just have to see the rooms in the exhibition it's quite moving, we had to leave one as it sent you  dizzy with sound.

Barbara was quite taken with a new man she met on this trip!

And I had a quick dance off with a couple of others!

We ended up going home with the roof down in the lovely sun, had a few whistles along the way (all due to the car we think!)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

End of the week Congratulations!

Still working away last Friday, struggling to supply myself with new paint, a piece I'm working on

 when the post came and to my surprise congratulation were in order, my grants for the Arts application has been successful. Well....then things just got a tad daft, PIPE OFF!

Yep, it can never just be a normal night!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Robin Hoods Bay

Just got back from a week in Robin Hoods Bay, weather was a tad windy but had a fantastic time, did some drawing and had great fun on the beach making sandcastles with my very talented little cousin Ruby (below)

Also had a look at Whitby, but you can't go without having a look at the old graveyard, and this time I didn't get bit by dracula.

No camping trip would be of any good unless you start it off with Jam Jar mojitos but a real treat for me was finding a small tobacconist in Whitby were I got my new ladies pipe!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Open at the Open

Yes it's kick off at the Mill tomorrow with "Open Studios" starting at 10am we look forward to seeing lots of folk as it's to be a nice sunny day, peeps can cool of in our mill with a cuppa!