Friday, 27 March 2015

Albert Irvin

Gutting news, Bert died yesterday, a wonderful man and I am so lucky to have known him

RIP Bert.x

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Word Up

Eeek! Spring is nearly upon us- Easter adventures are only just over a week away but you wouldn't believe it up in the North as that bloody wind has a nasty bite! I have just come home from the studio with yet another frozen shoulder but I'm as happy as a Spring lamb as my latest picture "Pin Up" I can now declare FIN!

Although this image is a bit dark (studio light has gone)  you wouldn't believe it's four foot?

Artist from the Mill where out to see this weeks eclipse, should I say, a few of us came outside, although it was early, some artist hadden't arrived yet, Montee didn't seem amused?

Next I am on with my easter bonnet for our annual Hatting at the what can one do with a stocking, a load of hay, gloves that could only have belonged to Super Man and some plastic, well you will have to wait and see, I just made a squeal of pleasure (excitement) made when you get cake, or is that more of an ooO, well.... You know who you are!

I'm also going to see my super friend Catherine Nicolson, who is having a showing of her wonderful 'Spingle' necklaces next Tuesday at the Chelsea Arts, so I can't wait for that as they will be wonderful and weird.

Fashion and styles change so quickly but you will now see me out and about sporting Big colour, who cares what the weather has planned, inject a little sunshine into your wardrobe, yes shiny happy people below with Montee dog......or is it Ab Fab? Oh dear, have a great Easter and dont forget to Egg Hunt!