Monday, 28 July 2014

Hello Sunshine

The weather arrived and so did I....South of France? Pfft...nope North Wales, the cool set would head for North of this place to find the most comfortable coast, the wildest beaches and the best surf, just the right side of swish for me and I fancied getting to know my own little Island a little better, it was so picture postcard unspoilt coves and wondrous for my artistic juices to re charge oh and perfect for Montee the studio tech and his Buddhist outlook on life.

It was a blooming marvellous time for letting ones hair down....spreading ones wings or as I like to do on my hols...let me arms out

Below me with bubbles (like you do when you're camping)


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Look Again

It's time to boldly go where you haven't been for sometime: yes my latest work has returned to Arteology in Colne, while mainly painting has been my work style of choice, with this show it's my drawing making a comeback in a larger form. The appeal is that you can pick up a descent size piece  for a much smaller price and Lesley and David (at Arteology) will do you a deal on the framing - but I like them raw on the wall with the bull clips but hey come and see.....and you'll also get to meet "Nursy" one of my biggest paintings to date!

The Half Way Through Show: Out Of My Head

Continues until Sat 2nd August

breaking through and opening the show!

So with a lot of the work done before it goes of to London later on I will now take myself off in the Campervan  for a couple of weeks. Now did I pack them shorts with the flowers on? No...I thought I had, oh dear well at least I'm planning ahead to avoid sartorial stress...ho ho.....I will have it sorted by weekend then Boom! Wales here I come.

But before I go, more shots have come to my attention from the CAC Summer Ball

John and Nicloetta                                                       Anji and Brian
Cat in the Hat working it

My fave, Clive, Sister and I

To just end on a sad note I found out yesterday a pal of mine Steve Pickles, artist, my college lecturer and friend has died, he lost his fight with cancer ....pancreatic..a real bastard. I am so sad about this horrid news, and was waiting for him to get better and kidnap me again (I knew he had plans to)

RIP my friend