Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hello 2014

Well my world started off with a bang!

My work went up at the C.A.C and we had a super openning and the house was full, our chairman did a lovely speech, he even had inside info so obviously done his homework...good man Rick.

People are twitching about me, they say there's a nod towards Bacon, I'm not keen on his work myself, but my god, on the night I became one! SPOOKEEEE
below, a living Frances Bacon

So this being the start of my year, it has set me up to be very positive and focused, I've already seen a lot of my friends I see through the clutter in my life and I somehow don't seem stuck in a rut......song...I can see clearly now the rain has gone"

A lot of people can find themselves feeling emotinally vulnerable at the start of a new year, give up the booze, try to get out of the sugar trap, drop the pounds, not me, ooo I feel squeeky clean, all's good........

Wait on, what's that...new year, swinging pendulum, pocket watch ticking..arrh I need to do more, where's my life going...........so yes I'll carry on as I always do lift a pint to you, stuff my cheeks with cake and shut up