Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sunny Delight

 Spoil yourself, go on

Canary yellow is the shade of the summer that suits all skin tones, chirpy reds and shades that range from rainbow goddess to fabulouse mad old bat, but why not have some sun fun with fuss free frocks and over the top hats that make this spring,..........SPRING, thats what we did over the weekend by saying goodbye to Black and the Mill artist were all over it. Below, the ladies had yet another day out for Wendy Woo's 60th doo, who's real who's not and who will ever know?
Wendo in the chirpy red (middle) yes and it was a hat off!

So it's probably time for an update, for the rest of the month, so this is the countdown (as I've been a tad slack)  deep breath.....

Simon W Desmond came up North


We went to visit John



I got Simon stuck in a cave

Tide wasn't really coiming in (check out his face)

Simon took my work down South for my new shows and then I went down the week after for Easter Hat at the C.A.C (far to many boring bonnets for my likeing!)

My Hat: Red Bunny

Iv'e had a write up in O magazine

And I'm now getting ready for my biggest painting to date and clearing the studio a little to build the two frames that will lock together,,,,,practicality is key, thank god Lesley from Artology came for a visit the other week, I was forgetting about the door size, but these babies will split and go back together...job done!