Friday, 30 December 2011

Biggest Baddest Catch Up

I was going to ask Santa for a few things before the 25th but I must admit I have been rubbish with this blog for the last month in fact not really any good since my camera busted!

I have still been keeping up my visits to London, taking in as much modern art as possible and meeting interesting people, the next to the last trip below, Simon thinks mine would look better in the Saatchi than this!

But here he is with a Turkey oh and me

The Christmas Open Studios went down a treat! We had Mary by the tree, Paul Hartley played a super tune and the artists all came out in Super Xmas stylee


But then Santa did pop to mine and obviously he thinks I've been very good this year (don't say a word) and brought me lots and lots but the main thing is he got me a new studio technician. He's called Steven and he's my new studio photographer but when he feels fit, also small movie maker!

A cat that likes do take his own shots! Designed by Lisa Larson world famous ceramist and Steven/Necono is made from one of her original designs. The FUN we're gonna have!

Xmas day pic of when he met Nevill the window frog, It's his first wonky money shot!
Talking of Xmas money shots
                                           CHRISTMAS CRACKER!

SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, over and out!