Monday, 12 October 2015

Out and About

I'm hoping you all know by now that I have a new show opening soon so you can imagine how busy I am with finishing the work, as now this is a solo show, but one needs time to reflect so I'm bobbing out of the studio when I can....basicly walking away so I don't put back what I've already done!

Silverdale, can you believe the weather, it's always like that!

Silverdale, we had a super day John and I, obviously we talked about new work as he has a show at the C.A.C the week before mine and believe me the work looks GOOD, it's going to be a wonderful show, I lost count of the number of new amazing pieces, I've no idea how he's going to choose, oh  and I am wearing one on the PV night and another I've made into a cape how exciting!!!

Sunday was a great day out, my friend Phil and I went over to Hebden Bridge to see the work of Mary Loney, I've met Mary before at this gallery, she's a great painter with my kind of sense of humour!

I also went to talk to David Leedham about my show there but that's not until 2017
Phil to the left with his fave of Mary's and Mary's grandaughter Alice below and the girl in the piggy mask is her

The gallery looked great as it was all up in the main part of the building when I had a show there last years ago but this new downstairs space looks super

To END this blog I had a surprise visit from a C.A.C member my friend Mike Hoban, he lives in Lewis and decided to go off and discover Yorkshire, well as you know I and on the cusp of the border so it would of been rude not to visit!

We talked from Plath to Pendle witches and put the art world to rights, good times!

Ok back to work for me, I just have one more to finnish and it's soooooooo close.

I haven't ever started my Halloween outfit yet, head down Hesketh!!!

Over and Out!