Friday, 4 September 2015

Good Witch

The artworld merry-go-round has spun once more in my favour, urging me on towards new and exciting horizons and thankfully despite the whirling speed of change,  Autumn looks bright! The starting gun has been fired by new agent Clive Jennings and we've hit the press with a bewitching veil of "Seduction & Sedition" my new show in November, and now to add to the build up it has been covered by Fitzrovia News, London.

Here is a link to the "Fitzrovia News" article - I am on page 16 -I hope you enjoy it!

Now to other things, or should I say other artists, my good friend Eddie Davies and one of the artists from our Mill put on a good show of new works this week and what a great turn out it was, the place was packed and the show was a well deserved success as I know how much hard work he puts in and is always down at the studio any chance he gets....Well Done Eddie, great job!

One of his pieces on dispay at the Platform one gallery, Todmorden

Eddie on the left with his blue friend Ken behind, the exhibit!

The work was based on inspiring landscapes from a two month trip from Argentina's Mount Fitzroy to Chile's Torres del Paine via the Perito Morano glacier. "My love of cubism has influenced the look of this series blending all images into one fantasy landscape" E.Davies

And this show is on for a month so pop on!