Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Miserable faces on the Tube, negative tweets really getting to you? Well get yourself down to                  Vout-O-Reenees

 Theres's only fun to be had! And that's just what we did on Thursday eve to celebrate the openning of the most fabulous new club in London!

Above and below, founder members Molly and I following the yellow brick road

 Checking out the loo's and and getting things sorted before the rest of the guests arrive

Below with John and Molly in the garden room as we await the rest of the new members.

Molly cut the red ribbon and the evening was off to a bang (below with her daughter Sophie Parkin, club proprietor)

 Us girls fashionably in a cupboard, just take some banging bright fruit-bowl effects in a cloakroom and come out with a  personality.....what goes on in the copboard stays in the cupboard

So Hurrah for the new club and the super work Sophie and Jan have done with it, and now I'm very excited about my show with them at the end of September early October. We had an amazing night and lots more of them to look forward to!

Next I was off to Appletreewick for a weekend away with the fairies for my birthday camp, well I hate posing on my own so I grabbed my bearded clan....... say CHEESE!