Monday, 15 September 2014


I consider myself a real lucky girl, my friend Stella got me a wonderful birthday gift, yes a Kate Bush ticket for her first live concert in 35 years, I was blown away at the time (in May) but even more bowled over with the show. She came on barefoot and most of us fell apart, totally overwhelmed with her presence, I consider myself to have grown up with Kate Bush and most of my painting days are spent listening to her so it was a bit to much for me when she was just stood there, amazing we were mystified with this engrossing, transporting extraordinary show and what a night we had and then back to Chelsea Arts for drinks later.

Next the French peeps were over to build their piece for the Pendle Sculpture trail with lead artist Philippe Handford, as part of a cultural exchange bewteen the twin towns of Pendle and Creil. This was to celebrate 40th years twinning and they all stayed in our little house, well Emanuel stayed with Julie for two days first in a Lux bed before I trapped him in the attic and put him on a Zedbed.

Pendle Print Fest, started Fri 5th with a print trail along the river to my mill for the exhibition "Unfamiliar Ground" then a symposium with guest speakers on the Sat, the exhibition is on going and the trail is open for another weekend!

Below Joel,  Nani and Emanuel pose with Anita at the gallery (the start of the trail) and again with my latest but un finnished piece and then Emanuel and I before they left on Sunday

What fun we had with them and who would know Imanuelle was such a good dancer!

But before all this went on we had Anji and Brian over from the C.A.C with their daughter Leala for a weekend in Pendle at the Blues Festival, we had such a fun time keeping it cool in the Green Chimney early on (below) and then letting rip after dark till late in Jim's Acoustic Cafe

But check out this wonderful video that Brian did of my giant pooch

Video: Brian Usher

And to finish off my fortnight I had tea and cake Brienne (my niece) Oh what joy!

Tu rahh!