Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Razzle Dazzle Ball, Chelsea Arts Club




Sister and I



Sarah kept the drinks topped up

 Caught me a Sailer

 Nicoletta (above) and I set out to have an extraordinary evening.....yes you could say we did, we both don't remember getting home and I found my hat on top of the wardrobe!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Anthony Lycett

I was thrilled to find out that the photographer Anthony Lycett wanted me to be part of his "The Studio: the home of Art" project and he agreed to come up North and take my picture. Now I've seen some of his fabulous photos which threw me into a state of confusion as all of you that know me will know, that I like nothing better than to dress up but this project of Anthony's is all about artists and their space
"What do we define as a studio? It is a space full of ideas, creations and dreams. What we see is the personalities of the artist, the nuances, which doesn't just emanate from their work but is greatly influenced by their unique surroundings" Anthony Lycett

So I was thinking boring old ambulance suit as always, but all was suddenly sorted when I received the email Joe you will dress up, and all I could think of was Yay!

Photo from my shoot in Pendle, click on image to view better.

He was a lovely chap and his girlfriend Sophie was a delight, she even helped with ones hat! They then went off on a Pendle Hill jaunt but also making the most of our wonderful witchy whereabouts for more super shots.

Next up, the C.A.C Ball on the 21st June, the theme is Dazzle so watch this space to see what you can do with a prison suit, some painted shoes and a few cans of coke.

It's an outrage!