Monday, 15 October 2012

Black Magic

A Witches Brew was afoot on Friday night at Philippe Handford's 1612 photo competition, a witch  and her helper were on hand to serve the brew to a small invited group of fabulous people. This drink was made up of vodka Tia Maria and a good old scoop of pure magic, Helen and I below, how refreshing.
Works were on show from local folk, artists, photographers and really anyone who came upon Phils huge numbers in the few days they were on that there hill. Phil below with some of the shots.

It was such a treat to bump into Pat Southern a vibrant artist  I haven't seen in years who was one of the judges.
Twas a great do.

 Saturday I headed off up to Halifax with my good friend John, back up to Dean Clough for a look at the new shows, starting with Chris Vines : The Baked Alaska Story then onto the Speaking Tubes

We were like children going to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the very first time, the speaking tubes really did reawaken our sense of wonder! The sound travels around a ring of steel air ducting tubes and giant cones, spilling out into special listening zones. Wow.

Well that's all to report for now but hey did you catch me in the Express?

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Grimm Grimm Ball

Yes "the Hare and the Hedgehog" that was my name, bet you didn't guess? Below with my good friend Annette and the spooky nose is John

We arrived to the howl of wolves and then drank poisonous apples from a familiar but strange man with a most dashing beard, so Grimm but yet so special at the same time MARK!

Florence lookinh FAB

Things really got going as we entered the club to be greated by a little lady in a bottle, and then more from her and her friends inside

In this game prescience is a dish best eaten piping hot, what with the fire and spokeee goings on, oh and any noise from you later on, you'd be swept off into a coffin of your own

All in all it was a mad cacophony carnival of souls in a bowl for ingredients, with a big excuse to play dress up but actually you had to be there to experience all of the fun.

Hanging with my super gang is always splendid, before hitting the dancefloor until the Arts club closed.

It's all because of Sam and Steve's good hard work, below oh and that's Kevin on the end

Thanks to my ace friend Brian for all the super pics

But the biggest thanks go to my new family the Passey's (I've adopted them) who again looked after me and put me up.