Friday, 14 March 2014

Spring has Sprung?

Even though the weather is coming up roses this doesn't mean it's any warmer in the mill, us girls are really proud of these super warm looks, great on every skin colour, vintage wool hats, practicality is key as it still feels like winter here, so if you're coming for a visit, dig out yours pronto!

Below: a hat collaboration, the new buz words are, easy comfy and everyday warmth.

Take a message: Benny from Crossroads (who) just called and he wants his beanie back!

Studio tec Montee not taking any chances!

Also this week I've taken to displaying my work on Saatchi on line, please do have a look although I haven't got to the point of putting them up for sale yet (complications) but if you tick "not for sale" art you can view my page.

This is my new finished piece title: Man Size

and new drawings, hopefully I will like two of them enough to put in the spring show at the Cross Gaites next week

But don't just buy for spring, these puppies will keep on working your walls season after season, without losing any of their wow factor, so if you should find yourself thinking "I wish I'd got that drawing off Joe Joe's ages ago" you can just buy now....or shall we say next week when they go up, te he, Toodle Pip!