Monday, 15 June 2015

Good Grief

Quick! Only a couple of weeks left to sort my outfit for the C.A.C Ball on the 27th June, so no dilly dally Joe.....focusing on a wearable day-to-night number, elegance with an edge and this years theme is SPACE, below the start of my head

I'm also avoiding cake for this fortnight, not that I've any bulges darling, but I know what works for me!


I've been out and about lately taking in the art where I can and the best thing I've seen in a long time was Helmut Lemke's sound performance in an old church in Todmorden. This lunchtime concert whipped me up into a frenzy, like some kind of mad inventor Helmut took us through a mesmerising injection of sound. Pouring into our ears, the act unfolded in it's own time, from the dancing of giant pegs to the tap of a teaspoon he conjured up the most amazing noises and at one point it was like being in the Planet of the Apes, then the sound dropped to a kind of Whale song, and then it was gone.

Look out for Helmut and I in the future as we have plans to collaborate, how exciting!!!

Below, having a quick chat to the locals before I left