Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fashion Galore!

My first stop when I went to London last Friday was Anji and Brian's house for Anji (Richards) to do my portrait, it was very exciting and the time flew by as I posed up on a wooden box as I was quite comfy with my lovely big pipe in my right hand.

Next, Anji and I had to get ourselves together and fly down to Somerset House to meet the girls for a major fashion extravaganza a fashion exhibition to celebrate the extraordinary life and wardrobe of the late British patron of fashion and art Isabella Blow.

A most amazing collection of fashion items including Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy, Hussein Chaleyan and Julien Macdonald and others all on display plus video's of Isabella talking about collections. We had Isabella's sister Lavinia Blow with us, the show must of seemed surreal to her, but she seemed to have a good time with the rest of us.

Some of her amazing outfits

We couldn't take it all in, there was so much to see, and it has definitely made an impression on us for the next Hatting at the club, in fact, we are going to have a "Issy Blow" Hat night in the Summer to celebrate the legendary figure within the Fashion and Art world,

Below sister Ella and I in front of the big opening

All the girls

Fun with pipes on the way to the club

Dinner was amazing and so was the C.A. Club (as usual) then we all went back to Gabby's for more drinks (not the best plan) as I was going to see my super new pal Molly in the morning before my train at 12!

Blondes have more fun!!!  Ella and oneself above

Molly Parkin above in her super bright house,we spoke about our painting, she showed me around her place and her bluebell wood, she's my new crush!

And all that in 24 hours!

Friday, 14 February 2014


Our arts officer tied the knott just under a week ago, the venue looked beautiful as did the bride! I felt like I was in the middle of outside candle lit dinner party with a old fashioned war time feel, what a super doo!

below Kirsty and John on their magical night

congratulations and a special happy Valentines day to you both, oh and that's a child running past the picture, don't worry John hasn't lost control of his trousers!

Now how could I forget to blog my viewing of the Chapman brothers show?

"Come And See" at the Serpentine the other week was full of familiar horrors, gooey and funny things on diplay!
On the way in you were hit with ku klux klan pointy hatted smocked people with rainbow socks and hippy sandles then zombies, nazis, tiny Mcdonald crucified hundreds of times with attention to detail, table top brain experiments, mock torture, maggots and hellish (funny) things.

Those mischievous brothers are always sniggering at someone with their sculpture, paintings and works on paper assault on western capitalist society.
Oh yeah it's sick and I think very funny, my kind of humour though.

Below: Come and see

above my fave "cardboard worm skull"

Oof to see the Bruce Nauman show now so Happy Love day! Toodles

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

It's A Doozy

People stop dreaming, we think that we don't have the right to have a dream once we grow up, maybe it's facing the fact that our dreams have gone, so people say we are to old for that.....well I say start again!

As a child, most of us dream and in public but as time goes by things don't come true, things and life get in the way but dreams make us happy. My big dream for this new year was to have lots of shows in London, then Monday this week all my work came back from the C.A.C and although I try to always think positive there was a sadness in the air, you know, end of the show and all that, so I got stuck into the work and did some work on oneself, music up full pelt in the studio....I'll be a great painter....nothing will stop me (not even the lack of funds) and then with all my thinking big, I get the phone call from S.W Desmon and we have 3 more shows booked for this year....It's a doozy!

Tell yourself who you are..Think big...get yourself a plan...well it sounds good doesn't it!

below new drawings before the new painting started

And making my wishes happen, one self up Pendle the other week      

....ooo the wind took hold of that one!