Wednesday, 5 February 2014

It's A Doozy

People stop dreaming, we think that we don't have the right to have a dream once we grow up, maybe it's facing the fact that our dreams have gone, so people say we are to old for that.....well I say start again!

As a child, most of us dream and in public but as time goes by things don't come true, things and life get in the way but dreams make us happy. My big dream for this new year was to have lots of shows in London, then Monday this week all my work came back from the C.A.C and although I try to always think positive there was a sadness in the air, you know, end of the show and all that, so I got stuck into the work and did some work on oneself, music up full pelt in the studio....I'll be a great painter....nothing will stop me (not even the lack of funds) and then with all my thinking big, I get the phone call from S.W Desmon and we have 3 more shows booked for this year....It's a doozy!

Tell yourself who you are..Think big...get yourself a plan...well it sounds good doesn't it!

below new drawings before the new painting started

And making my wishes happen, one self up Pendle the other week      

 the wind took hold of that one!


  1. Great blog, dream the dream!

  2. I read Goethe's quote every time I sit on my toilet: "Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." My 2014 plans have begun. I'm writing a screenplay based on my novel and am going to Shanghai later in the year (I've taken a job) to try and get finance for the movie. Joe, I'd love to find a Shanghai gallery to take your work. I'll network all I can. I had already had this idea about you before I just picked up your latest post. I can totally imagine it going down well in the new, booming, wealthy, adrenalin-fuelled China. Let's think big. Even though we are girls. Less of this domestic nonsense.
    Sue x