Monday, 19 January 2015

All White Now

It's happened to us all, you don't want to go out (in our case the winter scene was cold enough to make a duck cough) but you end up having a great time! We went off this gone Saturday, over the snowcapped moors to Dean Clough gallery for John Baldwin's show of super Ice-lolly bright paintings, Small and Tiny.

This was our view, we laughed about not making it, but then went quiet, as it could of become our reality.

 John has had a long-term partnership with colour, so it didn't matter what the weather was doing outside, inside we said hello to Spring!          The man of the moment below

Below: Dee, DC co-ordinator (lovely lady poet) John, me and Jake Attree(Artist)

There is such a family atmosphere in here,
I had my arm around this chap before we even spoke (Simon Thackray) who famously runs "The Shed" in Brawly

Helen and Kath were up to no good, poor John ended up with a bag full of pusseys!

Peeps were stopped in their tracks when they got a glimpse of John's work,
There is a lesson we can all learn here: Pay attention to detail, just like Mr B, his mini works will give you a zing, break up a white wall and lead you to Spring!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Frolic into 15


 And my first Arty outing 2015 was back to the gallery in the Park for a collection of artists on display put together by Mary Gavagan who has taken it on until March. Lots to see and I can tell you that not only is it a diversity of brilliant work in all kinds of form but also striking prints of Bert Irvin's are on display...I mean Wow, that's what we want, Albert Irvin in Pendle!

Below: Johny B and me checking out the situation

Next having some fun infront of a Bert

So go along to the park in Barrowford and enrich your understanding of art and you'll even get to meet Mary.

 Below, with Mary

I was drawn to David Cooks wonderful pictures below, the composition was just right to me, and he's such a lovely chap!

All the pieces in the gallery instantly and easily transform the space and kill the white, it's a super show of work, so go on, pop along (also fit in a piece of Pat's pie across at the Heritage) it's so much less stress than tennis!