Monday, 12 January 2015

Frolic into 15


 And my first Arty outing 2015 was back to the gallery in the Park for a collection of artists on display put together by Mary Gavagan who has taken it on until March. Lots to see and I can tell you that not only is it a diversity of brilliant work in all kinds of form but also striking prints of Bert Irvin's are on display...I mean Wow, that's what we want, Albert Irvin in Pendle!

Below: Johny B and me checking out the situation

Next having some fun infront of a Bert

So go along to the park in Barrowford and enrich your understanding of art and you'll even get to meet Mary.

 Below, with Mary

I was drawn to David Cooks wonderful pictures below, the composition was just right to me, and he's such a lovely chap!

All the pieces in the gallery instantly and easily transform the space and kill the white, it's a super show of work, so go on, pop along (also fit in a piece of Pat's pie across at the Heritage) it's so much less stress than tennis!

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