Saturday, 29 October 2011


This is the final painting for the Arts council work, as you can see I've only just started it, it's title being: "Drunk"

Now for the Warning!

There will be danger in the streets this weekend, watch your back from the rooftops check over your shoulder down the ally, this Cat means business and Witching is big business in her book!

You might also want to look out for her friend too, that horrid clown is a menace!!!

Monday, 24 October 2011

New friend Fred

This is my new friend and he will be with me all week, as this weeks build up is very exciting to me! Lots of people are planning outfits for our annual outing of Trick or Treating, we might be coming your way and SPOOK you 2.

I forgot to say about the Open at the Ace and how I was surprised about the quality of the work, please go and see if you are local, it's a very good show, not forgetting that lady and her knits (as in wool not bugs)

Think I'll wear Fred all week

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New woolly Do with a Hat too!

I was judging the open art comp yesterday when I came across a lady on a craft stall selling this wonderful poncho number, alas, I had no money on me, but clever the lady was! Said shed hold it for one.

I went over again today and she only produced a spectacular matching hat, well what could one do , well look, I mean just bloody look at it, HAD MY NAME ALL OVER IT!

Pics taken from start of painting and just before finnishing tweaks, Fourth Arts council painting, title "Judge"

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Apologies for not blogging, as you know I do like pics with my blurbs but my trusty camera has died.
I am now onto my forth painting for the Atrs council work (total of 5) and also getting ready for the New Longton arts fair, which I do every year. This year it will be held over the weekend of12th-13th November, please pop along, come view the work, oh and maybe have a cup of tea with me!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rock Lobster!

My hat went down a storm at CAC's Hat party, it eventually came together with help from Julie Miles, handing over a red satsuma net that was just the ticket!

Twas great to see everyone again and
Hi to Rod! I know you're tuning in!

Simon W. Desmond drove me all the way back home and then stayed  up North for a week, him below, having a pig fight with the studio technician Montgomery.

And to the final post of last week "The finishing party" again on Pendle Hill, thanks to our fantastic host Matt, this was a party for (in my eyes) brining back those witches from Lancaster to where they belong! We had a few spells, some wonderful wishes and lets be honest lots of Rum.