Tuesday 28 February 2017

Cut and Paste

Now I know it's been really to long this time....cue rolling of eyes, but believe me I've not stopped! So no I haven't been in a coma.....I've moved house, moved studio and I've also been working, constantly. I was funded by the Arts council to produce the show "Cellotape" which kicked off late last year in Pendle and now travels just over the border to Yorkshire, next up Arts Mill, Hebden Bridge for the first Sunday in May, P.V details to follow.... if you can all make it, well see you there and well if you can't it will hopefully coming to a gallery near you late this year.

Below: "The Big Easy"  and "I Pissed My Pants"from the new show Cellotape.

super shots by Matt Riley!

Although my time was short last year I did find time for the Ball, I always do but this time it was Chelsea Arts 150th, so folks went all out, at the arts club as usual,  but me and the lovely Jane Hoare went, well "Far Out" 60's man as the theme was Chelsea through the decades and after hanging out in wonderland for a while we then danced the night out until our ears fell off..grooveee

Hanging out with Jane Hoare and the best of the rest!

Above Natasha and I
Cary and Clive

Whinny, Brian, Jane and Anji

Oh and I did fit in a couple of PV's...well one's got to mingle!

Above: hanging at the Herrick Gallery top and with John Baldwin at his fabulous new show, Dean Clough.

And I was snapped by Peter Clark whilst in the French

Above... hanging with Hilary.

Well one has to pop in?

 Which reminds me, I have this study (below) going up on the wall there soon,

so I'll just have to pop back...any takers? French House, Easter?

So with Spring round the corner and mornings getting brighter, I feel like I've come out of the Winter and my work is going well for 2017, it looks like my studio has been taken over by some alien autopsy but the experiments are still going good and I'm now looking forward to the  next PV, I hope peeps will love it or hate it, I would hate to be in the middle of things.  So please expect to inject some uncanny into your everyday, come and meet my new characters / friends and this outburst of colour with my offering for you all to ponder.

"Cringe"...he'll see you there!

Tuesday 12 April 2016

That's All Folks

It's Springtime!
And this means we have to stop the fester and get outside! Although you haven't heard from me in a while there's no real festering…..between working I've been out in the daylight taking a lungful but also contemplating the future. What are my desires and dreams? What will be my next venture? I was feeling a bit like I'd gone off the boil and needed to get my teeth into something a bit more gritty and talk about good timing…..that's when I got the news through that the Arts council had decided to fund my new project!

So Big top hats off to them as I'm now running on plenty, and fuelled for the year! Fabulous!

Silverdale getting some sea air

 Early ideas for the new work, working in sculpture, video and photography

      Early mock up
 Technician at the beach
And below my new picture although this image is not the finished pic

I've also been helping out with "The Shop" in Nelson, "In-Situ" an artist led collective working with people, place and environment of Pendle has taken over the project and I am now looking over the running of a new boutique inside this wonderful new hub, called "The Magic Lantern" the new shop will open on Saturday April 30th so come along to the open…..12-5pm and catch the fashion show!

 Below before the work started on the new do at "The Shop"

My Fave Place, I just go here,look at the windmill and then know what to do.
That's all folks!

Monday 18 January 2016


Now I'm not right good with new years, I was all positive and feeling up for it and then when I got back to the studio I felt a bit deflated....ho hum, I guess I was hoping my new picture would be near enough finished but of course it wasn't!

Two weeks on and this hum dinger is FINISHED, so in between the hoola hooping and star jumps (it's so bloody cold) today I declare it's done!

Studio technician Montee below helping

So another day another picture, I'll crack on with the work even though Bowie is no more, I've already been pouring my heart out on that one, so to transform dullness and smooth out any winter blues, I'll throw myself into the centre of my artistic universe,  key protagonist (just for a change,,,,Ouchy!)  in a world populated by proliferating bad news..... but one only lives once so I've already booked my train to go and look at everyone in the south at the end of this month, now that will cheer me no end, it's just the little things,,,,obvs!

Thursday 12 November 2015


Another night another preview bash, but this time it was for yours truly!!! The Fitzrovia Gallery London, the Fizz went pop! And everybody was hit with a little bit of spring zing when faced with the colour of my oils, well enough to get them through the winter anyway.

Above bringing in the fizz before the doors open
I was in a spin as peeps started to arrive and lots of lovely faces came out to play - and lucky for me lots  of new ones too.

So please go along and get a art fix (one hopes) the show is on until the 28th, you might just see something that tickles your fancy..... oh and meet Clive in the gallery, he's such a gent and he's not all mouth but you wouldn't believe it looking at him below he he.

 Also 3pm - 5pm on the 21st we have artist (moi) chats and Q & A so please pop along again, this little Northerner will be back in the building to reveal my inspiration!

Fitzrovia News have put the article online please click here to be redirected

I am also doing a Q&A at the gallery on Saturday 21st Nov click here for details

Can you believe with all this going on I even fit in the local pumpkin comp, I do like to keep my finger in, Halloween's big business in Pendle

Before I go, Lesley has some of my unique xmas tree baubles up this coming Sturday 12 - 4pm  Arteology, Colne so come and have a look and take home a new friend, see you in there for a mulled!

below the tree of Christmas Chaos....it's exciting!

Monday 12 October 2015

Out and About

I'm hoping you all know by now that I have a new show opening soon so you can imagine how busy I am with finishing the work, as now this is a solo show, but one needs time to reflect so I'm bobbing out of the studio when I can....basicly walking away so I don't put back what I've already done!

Silverdale, can you believe the weather, it's always like that!

Silverdale, we had a super day John and I, obviously we talked about new work as he has a show at the C.A.C the week before mine and believe me the work looks GOOD, it's going to be a wonderful show, I lost count of the number of new amazing pieces, I've no idea how he's going to choose, oh  and I am wearing one on the PV night and another I've made into a cape how exciting!!!

Sunday was a great day out, my friend Phil and I went over to Hebden Bridge to see the work of Mary Loney, I've met Mary before at this gallery, she's a great painter with my kind of sense of humour!

I also went to talk to David Leedham about my show there but that's not until 2017
Phil to the left with his fave of Mary's and Mary's grandaughter Alice below and the girl in the piggy mask is her

The gallery looked great as it was all up in the main part of the building when I had a show there last years ago but this new downstairs space looks super

To END this blog I had a surprise visit from a C.A.C member my friend Mike Hoban, he lives in Lewis and decided to go off and discover Yorkshire, well as you know I and on the cusp of the border so it would of been rude not to visit!

We talked from Plath to Pendle witches and put the art world to rights, good times!

Ok back to work for me, I just have one more to finnish and it's soooooooo close.

I haven't ever started my Halloween outfit yet, head down Hesketh!!!

Over and Out!

Friday 4 September 2015

Good Witch

The artworld merry-go-round has spun once more in my favour, urging me on towards new and exciting horizons and thankfully despite the whirling speed of change,  Autumn looks bright! The starting gun has been fired by new agent Clive Jennings and we've hit the press with a bewitching veil of "Seduction & Sedition" my new show in November, and now to add to the build up it has been covered by Fitzrovia News, London.

Here is a link to the "Fitzrovia News" article - I am on page 16 -I hope you enjoy it!

Now to other things, or should I say other artists, my good friend Eddie Davies and one of the artists from our Mill put on a good show of new works this week and what a great turn out it was, the place was packed and the show was a well deserved success as I know how much hard work he puts in and is always down at the studio any chance he gets....Well Done Eddie, great job!

One of his pieces on dispay at the Platform one gallery, Todmorden

Eddie on the left with his blue friend Ken behind, the exhibit!

The work was based on inspiring landscapes from a two month trip from Argentina's Mount Fitzroy to Chile's Torres del Paine via the Perito Morano glacier. "My love of cubism has influenced the look of this series blending all images into one fantasy landscape" E.Davies

And this show is on for a month so pop on!