Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I am in the office this week, trying to get my paperwork together, I'm missing the studio already, and my head wants to explode, not very good at it, but at least it's warm!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Painting

This is part of my new painting, that's nearly finished, although I've been saying that for over a week, you can see the size in the other pic, and yes this weeks been real cooooold!

Montee the studio technician

This is Montee the studio technician, this morning ready to help with the work.

Joe: Hey boy pass me the sap green oil over there

Montee: God it's cold in here, what was that?

Monday, 17 January 2011

The Mill

This is Higherford Mill, Studio 12, were I work, due to the burst at Christmas I've only just got back to work, but hey, look at all the space I've now got, all the crap's gone! Am a bit of a hoarder, in fact, five years of crap. So at the mo I am just about to finish a painting that I started before the flood.


Welcome to my new blog

As well as my main website which will have finished paintings and general news updates on my activities, I will be using this blog to share my progress as an artist on a more regular basis. I will be sharing all sorts, including making outfits for my shows and previews and also other previews I attend, I will talk about life working in the Higherford Mill, which is generally like working in a freezer and you will see me in my layers of painting suits. You will notice I will get smaller as the summer comes as the layers reduce. I am also based there with a number of full time artists. You will also get to see my studio technician at work or asleep, Montee dog!

Hope you have fun reading this.

Joe joe X