Friday, 25 February 2011

This Week in London

I've had a marvelous time this week in London, first to the Chelsea Arts club to meet my friend Ru for a reading in the garden,but no pics as you'll get in big trouble, then off to the galleries to fill up on exhibitions. One of the galleries I went by "the Crypt," Pete Flowers and I discovered a great artist called Sean Fairman (see below)

I got myself into the Bloomberg exhibition even though I wasn't on the guest list, who needs to be on when you've got Pendle witch power with you!

My friend Sarah came to meet me for the last day, had a look at the Tate,then went to the longest Champagne bar in Europe. We then went on to meet Ru again at the club and this time with lots more members went on to Madam Jo Jo's for a night in my honour. We had a fantastic time but I must admit the dancing got a bit Crazy!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Historian John

Forgot to also say, I went round to see John Clayton, Historian before the painting of Pebbles, we had a brew whilst I picked his brains about the witches, information for my research and also swapped a good bottle of red (moo) for one of his super books!

To accumulate money

I was asked to help with a installation piece for Pendle Youth, to bring attention to the cuts and how many young people will miss out. So my task was to somehow demonstrate the thousands of young people using pebbles. I remembered that when you go up Pendle Hill some walkers pick up pebbles and drop them into piles (cairns) along the way,this cleverly shows the amount of people traffic, so I will use this with matchstick men in simple pink and blue to show sexes.

I've had to wash and dry 1200 pebbles,seems like a simple task hmmm,I got to the point of answering my phone "HELLO BEACH" and my kitchen was covered.

The stick men will take all night and tomorrow I'm selling my clothes!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

New York City

I know I said that I'd be putting on the making of outfit on this blog, but it was all top secret for the artist of the mill,  Miss Julie Miles' birthday party had a New york theme and I think you'll agree we really and I mean really, went for it! (As usual)
But being a special birthday party that it was, even the most famous of artists attended, Andy himself, oh and one of his masterpieces!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


A few of us have felt a bit down in the dumps this week (I blame February) tiz a funny month!
No matter though when you've got one of these magical corn on the cob popper, stick in a bag, microwave for 2mins and you have lovely fresh popcorn and endless fun, went down a treeet at lunch with us artists!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Went to see what other people were thinking at the Witches Symposium, Lancaster on Friday, it was really interesting,
twas grand to see the Flower people Pete and Sue, in fact Sue was a pro speaker and got Higherford Mill in and myself a few times, good work!

John Baldwins birthday party went off with a bang on Sunday, lots of tea and cake and a visit form Morecambe  Mark my new friend from the Chelsea Arts club, Hicky Birdy again John.XX

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The end to a boring week

Well after being totally bored with paperwork,applying for grants,and then a hopeless trip to Nottingham with work, the week ended pretty good, the art gang got together for a spot of bowling and then you can't beet it at Turners, the beer's grand, the place is great, it just needs one of my paintings!