Friday, 25 February 2011

This Week in London

I've had a marvelous time this week in London, first to the Chelsea Arts club to meet my friend Ru for a reading in the garden,but no pics as you'll get in big trouble, then off to the galleries to fill up on exhibitions. One of the galleries I went by "the Crypt," Pete Flowers and I discovered a great artist called Sean Fairman (see below)

I got myself into the Bloomberg exhibition even though I wasn't on the guest list, who needs to be on when you've got Pendle witch power with you!

My friend Sarah came to meet me for the last day, had a look at the Tate,then went to the longest Champagne bar in Europe. We then went on to meet Ru again at the club and this time with lots more members went on to Madam Jo Jo's for a night in my honour. We had a fantastic time but I must admit the dancing got a bit Crazy!

1 comment:

  1. Wow looks fantastic - loving the Champagne bar.
    Is the last one Madame Jo Jo herself?