Monday, 7 January 2013

Nature As A tonic

To bring in the new year  and reconnect with ones own true self, well the only way is up for a wilderness journey that is muddy and grounding, Pendle Hill!
Experience being immersed in nature, connected with it and humbled before a power greater than you and don't forget your cheese and wotsits butty for the top. I walked with the peeps from the In-situ in-conversation 101 project, blowing out the cobwebs from 2012.

Below with my nephews, Oscar left and Callum right (in a cloud) and then the group as we hit the Trigg at the top
We drank from the silver chalice of the well just over to the right and at that moment the cloud cleared and it was like magic, all at once you could see the super view of Pendle.
So you ask, did we journey through our own inner landscapes? Did we activate our senses? Well we took some deep breaths and felt the strong breeze on our skin, laughed all the way down the great hill then connected with Helmut's hot Wizards brew at the bottom, yum......perhaps we took the first steps.?

Above:Rum poured over sugar into Helmut's brew, Below Helmut on the right with his brother George