Monday, 30 January 2012

Preview night

A Pendle Investigation exhibition started on Saturday in Pendle, the Arts council work that is to tour the country started off with a bang. People were overwhelmed with the giant paintings hung from great hooks in the gallery space, and some got quite emotional with the over all feeling of power and injustice.

The evening was a great success, as you can see it was full of folk, there was a great atmosphere, people seemed to get it (going off the comments during the show) and even with the Red Witch brew flowing, nobody fell over!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

1st New Show

You can imagine the running around now going on for this first view of my Pendle Witch exhibition for the arts council, catalogue isn't quite done but we are soo close!

Please come and view on the 28th and try our RED WITCH brew! ALL WELCOME, see you there!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend went so fast as I had some wonderful guests to stay, it was Sandra Higgins first stay in Pendle and at first she didn't know what she'd let herself in for with all the 400th anniversary talk of Witches. We soon cut loose in the area but had much a stare from the local folk as they assumed Ab Fab were in town!

Sandra and I in my studio looking at the work for selection, Perjury below was of interest

Pic taken by S. Desmond

A quick call at Turners was in order to warm up after that and then off to visit John Baldwin in Silverdale, the evening ended in a curry then up to the Woody, a secret bar in the woods, lets not talk about red beards and pulling!

Food and Fun

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Winter Warm up

MY GOD it's cold in my new studio! It was cold before in the mill, but with the extra space it's something else! So this weeks main game was first, to stretch and prime my first canvas in the new place and then, well ways to keep warm, and yes the layers get more and more.

1) Lots and lots of cups of tea, Green if possible, you know, keeping up the detox for Jan.

2) STAR JUMPS, yes on camera!

But just when you think, you know maybe you can't go on, in pops a good friend with a supply of Lancashire pies, now check these out for a warm up! John Boldwin with Oswaldtwistle finest!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Start New Studio!

Thanks to the help of Simon W Desmond I've taken a much needed bigger studio in the mill, it's funny how these new paintings looked soo big in the other and now seem quite small, MUST DO BIGGER!

Stiil manoeuvreing things yet but I'm really looking forward to starting my first 2012 piece (hopefuly Friday)

Before I got the keys I was out and about with Stevee the camera cat and here's a view from his spookee world,

What fun we had at Bolton Abbey

But then it was time for home