Thursday, 28 July 2011

More Witchy info

Wednesday was spent collecting more info and arrangements for my arts council Witchy walk.

We took Rohan (who's a very clever wizard) to see a short film about the story, I ended up in a Witchy situation and then off with my friend John Boldwin to Leah's world over in Accrington for camping plans!

It is all getting a bit exciting!

Below is another spooky little witch called Ruby who I saw last weekend with Rohan

Monday, 25 July 2011

A good pic

I had to blogg this pic my good friend Brian Usher sent me of Anji and I outside the club, you can also see the building at the moment, the theme was the Blitz, they change it quite a lot, it always looks fabulous!

Monday, 18 July 2011

A Pendle Investigation

As my work is due to start this week John Clayton and I were out and about sorting the starting point of my walk to Lancaster, the idea is for me to go from Pendle forrest boundry West Close

This is the new path being around 200 years old, the start of the old path isn't walkable , but you can see where it was

This house (we think) is where Chattox lived, and we also think this is the place were Demdike fell in the ditch!

This is as close as we'll get to an actual event, this house is 3rd generation

John on the old main road, around 200 years disowned

 Above is the original old track (main Rd) Blind Lane up to Haddins Head

Friday, 15 July 2011

Ron Duncan

It was a very sad day on Monday for the artist of the mill,we found out that Ron Duncan passed away late the night before. Ron came in to visit us all every day and even brought a ginger nut for Monteee.

It's not been the same in the mill since Ron was taken in hospital four weeks ago, and won't be the same again.

As we always had tea and cake with Ron on a Friday, we will keep this up in his honor, yesterday we had a huge cake off in Ron's name, we said chin chin with tea, and believe me Ron you will NOT be forgot!

Monteee misses Ron already

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


This is a rubbish shot of the invite, but I must say the evening was quite the opposite!
I went to see how Barbara would perform and as I imagined she was the star of the show, even though she was sat right at the back of the stage, when she got up for her special bit (huge cow bell.. tambourine etc) she sparkled!

Barbara and I in the intermission, guesses to what someone said to us?

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Went back down to Chelsea for the grand show of hats, stayed with Brian and Anji so I can show you a pic of hats before we set off.

We had a grand time at the party, although Catherine had a secret weapon of two hats, very clever and forward thinking!

Helped Mr Desmond to trim up his, as you can see it worked a treat.

When I arrived home  they'd sent me the key to the door, officially a member of the Chelsea Arts club now!

Dr Dee

I was blown away with this amazing Opera, it was not like an Opera I had seen before! The usage of the space was extra ordinary, from giant moving paper black and white screens the multi layers of stage platforms fantastic costume even a live raven opened the show, which flies from the back!

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Big city

I went back again to the Chelsea Arts Club to see about my membership, but first I met up with my good friend Simon to talk about lots of paintings,we fit in a visit to the RA and even Tea and Cake


Outside the RA with the Koons piece

Before I went down to meet my proposer there was talk of a goat and also rubber gloves, I tried not to let this put me off but I must admit it nearly got the nerves going (naughty Ru and Simon)

It turned out I new most of the committee and ended up enjoying the who White rose Red rose thing, sorry no pics as we're not aloud, but this is me in the room night before!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Monday at the Castle

Wow it was hot (for up North) when us artists went to view the "Taken" exhibition, a sound installation by contemporary classical composer Ailis Ni Riain. We loved the humming as walked round the castle, it felt  eery as we moved around the keep.

So yes we were taken by "Taken" though we weren't impressed by the people calling the PENDLE witches Lancashire Witches. They were from Pendle!

Also found some Pipes!