Monday, 29 August 2011

Trouble at Mill

It was Barrowford show yesterday and the artist team "trouble at Mill" were entered for the tug of war, as you can see they were well into it although tuther Mick was missing as they all warmed up moustache  twitching, muscle stretching.

Here he comes, I think he got time wrong or maybe hadn't finished his Black pudding breakee!

Heave Heave.....PULL!

They did un believable at first and won both games! But me thinks to much to soon as the other guys had them after that although my god take a look at the Anchor and his mate on the big bruiser team they were against

They ended up with third, so at least they got Bronze. Eyes on the Trophy next year guys!

Hey isn't that D.D.Lewis from "Gangs of New York?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Great Pic

What an ace picture of all the Artists at stuie's do a few weeks ago, and it was also a grand night!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

1st drawings for Pendle Investigation

I've done 6 to start with of the large drawings for my grant, I'll see what I think when they are mounted etc, I was dreading doing them as I'm more about the paint, but you know I've enjoyed it!

Although the above images aren't the image in full

And today I've stretched my first big one in quite some time so tomorrow (at last) I'm back to large scale

Canvas on it's side for the primer!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Art Car Parade

Surreal is all's we can say to Saturday's Art Car Parade, Roger had done a brilliant job on his Monopoly board tricycle and all artists had made a good effort being the board pieces

It really was like walking round in a dream when we set off with all the other cars, in fact people started to get cheeky and run each other off the road, just like "wacky races" 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Paul Connery

I regret to say that my wonderful friend Paul Connery died on Friday. Paul was a great friend to me, always interested in my work, and looked forward to all the updates on my progress. Even when Paul was in a lot of pain he'd still make it to the pub for a pint to hear how my trip to London had gone. Camping trips with him and Sharon have been the best of times, this is a man who loved life and everyone in it!

Above: Paul, our camping trip this year to Robbin Hoods Bay.
Camping, our get together s, whatever we do

Paul, it won't be the same without you

Thursday, 11 August 2011


I started off at the Pendle boarder on Sunday 7th Aug this is me coming up from the river at the beginning of my journey

I was thinking about the Witches a lot and it's hard to get your head round this is the actual old track they would use most days

The trip has been good, at times hard, even though I've joked at the trip being part grim, and for me to feel some grief, well the weather finished me off in the last leg yesterday, the wind was so fierce and took hold of me at the Lancaster boarder, like something didn't want me to go in.

It hasn't been all rough though, I've camped along the way, some friends camped too

 Leah kept it real with a stick for a spoon
As you can see, Phil's cream tea wasn't so grim!

My enchanted Hazel has led the way, lucky for me, but as I looked around and saw the twisted trees and the bubbling bank of the river I could imagine what it was kind of like.

At this point as you can see I've had enough, and poor Montee had too!

Golgatha! Made It!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Spooky Send Off

Spells of good look were done on Friday for my send off for the Arts council walk, as you can see from below we captured the vibe!

I am setting off NOW!

Trip to Sussex

My trip down South was a super one, got to see my paintings in between very successful artist work at Simon's house, met up with Sarah on the first night then Anji Brian and Leila (both nights Bonkers) I can't thank Simon D Desmond enough for his hospitality!

Mr Monk Simon