Thursday, 2 October 2014


Quirky pics? They won't sell peeps the idea of a sculpture. What will though is a lovely walk in the countryside to see a piece as you would come across it in situ. So that's what we did Phil and I last week and he wised up to the fact that tea and cake on the menu first, you know for a bit of energy before the walk, would get me into it. Also this is our annual witches walk from way back in 2011 (my arts council piece) Below Montee dog and I at the same spot as in 2011 on our way to Whitewell

Philippe's (Handford) piece is part of a series of landmarks, temporary installations celebrating fifty years of AONB status of the forest of Bowland and Phil's piece "Out-take" is at Langden Intake on the road to the Trough of Bowland a mile out of Dunsop Bridge.

Yes and best to be seen if you walk from Dunsop Bridge and "Not" the village before Whitewell as we did! Ok we didn't feel the first bit as we where looking forward to the scones, but my oh my did we feel the walk after the rain came and then we realised we had miles to go, even to get to it, never mind the way back, and I only had on a clasic afternoon tea combo on!

So park at Dunsop and walk easily to the spot and you will be amazed to find yourself in a theatrical setting, well that's the feeling I encountered whilst stood in the middle, like the countyside is having a love affair with the opera, super!

So have a day out but be quick as I said, they are only temorary and don't forget the scones.....well it would be rude to just pass the Inn at Whitewell wouldn't it! Below, phil and I just a tad soggy, when we eventually get back to the car.