Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Longton

The Weekend was real busy at the Fine Art Fair in New Longton, it was great to catch up with the arty gang and of course my partner in crime Barbara Dalziel.

As you can see I can only get a few paintings in, my main work being to large but I didn't do so bad on the sales of drawings that I put together for the show. To be honest I go for the chatting, to be surrounded by painters for the weekend is soo great!

Oneself below setting up

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I was at Sandra Higgins house on the 2nd, we had lots to chat about and then get ready for "Dead Hat" at the club but before we went anywhere a bit of smudging was in order to get rid of any bad lingering vibes in her new pad, as she's just moved in.

 doing a spot of a  smudging spell

We then went onto the club in our dark outfits, and were greatly surprised at a impressive Halloween turn out. The night went a bit wild to the point that Sandra and Simon had to get me home quick as my cat suit split down the back having my underwear on show, yes we all know it was green!

Enough about that onto Friday's "Open at the Haworth" I took Sharon Connery along as my guest, as my piece was about her, it was a great evening although one could say rather packed.

Title "A Box of Seeds"