Monday, 18 January 2016


Now I'm not right good with new years, I was all positive and feeling up for it and then when I got back to the studio I felt a bit deflated....ho hum, I guess I was hoping my new picture would be near enough finished but of course it wasn't!

Two weeks on and this hum dinger is FINISHED, so in between the hoola hooping and star jumps (it's so bloody cold) today I declare it's done!

Studio technician Montee below helping

So another day another picture, I'll crack on with the work even though Bowie is no more, I've already been pouring my heart out on that one, so to transform dullness and smooth out any winter blues, I'll throw myself into the centre of my artistic universe,  key protagonist (just for a change,,,,Ouchy!)  in a world populated by proliferating bad news..... but one only lives once so I've already booked my train to go and look at everyone in the south at the end of this month, now that will cheer me no end, it's just the little things,,,,obvs!