Tuesday, 23 December 2014


May the bright star shine down on you and yours this Christmas and make all your dreams come true!
We artists at the mill kicked off Xmas with an Elfing good time last week, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear....and we did! Below: Elf watching Elf

I got even more carried away and through in a Elf dance!

So whether you're basting a turkey, listening to the queens speach or drinking heavily, I hope your Christmas has lots of sparkle...dance under mistletoe and be merry........
Tiz the season to be jolly.........I hope you all go Christmas Crackers Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, 8 November 2014

My Favourite time of year!

Meet the yellow clown she was everywhere this season!
I always want MORE Halloween, so I always make the most of this time of year, and in theses times you watch folk in there splendor and wonder what's going on, you know like, is that devil girl wanting to dance with the spookee clown guy? And best of all....who the hell are theses people?

I started early last week in the big smoke and then finnished off in style at home in Pendle, which you can imagine is BIG business!

yes "KISS" ladies!

that clown again and the prince from you know where?

Don't fear the new people, a jazzy band of outsiders, scarey yes, anything but boring!

Below, let the spoolee fun begin!

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Quirky pics? They won't sell peeps the idea of a sculpture. What will though is a lovely walk in the countryside to see a piece as you would come across it in situ. So that's what we did Phil and I last week and he wised up to the fact that tea and cake on the menu first, you know for a bit of energy before the walk, would get me into it. Also this is our annual witches walk from way back in 2011 (my arts council piece) Below Montee dog and I at the same spot as in 2011 on our way to Whitewell

Philippe's (Handford) piece is part of a series of landmarks, temporary installations celebrating fifty years of AONB status of the forest of Bowland and Phil's piece "Out-take" is at Langden Intake on the road to the Trough of Bowland a mile out of Dunsop Bridge.

Yes and best to be seen if you walk from Dunsop Bridge and "Not" the village before Whitewell as we did! Ok we didn't feel the first bit as we where looking forward to the scones, but my oh my did we feel the walk after the rain came and then we realised we had miles to go, even to get to it, never mind the way back, and I only had on a clasic afternoon tea combo on!

So park at Dunsop and walk easily to the spot and you will be amazed to find yourself in a theatrical setting, well that's the feeling I encountered whilst stood in the middle, like the countyside is having a love affair with the opera, super!

So have a day out but be quick as I said, they are only temorary and don't forget the scones.....well it would be rude to just pass the Inn at Whitewell wouldn't it! Below, phil and I just a tad soggy, when we eventually get back to the car.

Monday, 15 September 2014


I consider myself a real lucky girl, my friend Stella got me a wonderful birthday gift, yes a Kate Bush ticket for her first live concert in 35 years, I was blown away at the time (in May) but even more bowled over with the show. She came on barefoot and most of us fell apart, totally overwhelmed with her presence, I consider myself to have grown up with Kate Bush and most of my painting days are spent listening to her so it was a bit to much for me when she was just stood there, amazing we were mystified with this engrossing, transporting extraordinary show and what a night we had and then back to Chelsea Arts for drinks later.

Next the French peeps were over to build their piece for the Pendle Sculpture trail with lead artist Philippe Handford, as part of a cultural exchange bewteen the twin towns of Pendle and Creil. This was to celebrate 40th years twinning and they all stayed in our little house, well Emanuel stayed with Julie for two days first in a Lux bed before I trapped him in the attic and put him on a Zedbed.

Pendle Print Fest, started Fri 5th with a print trail along the river to my mill for the exhibition "Unfamiliar Ground" then a symposium with guest speakers on the Sat, the exhibition is on going and the trail is open for another weekend!

Below Joel,  Nani and Emanuel pose with Anita at the gallery (the start of the trail) and again with my latest but un finnished piece and then Emanuel and I before they left on Sunday

What fun we had with them and who would know Imanuelle was such a good dancer!

But before all this went on we had Anji and Brian over from the C.A.C with their daughter Leala for a weekend in Pendle at the Blues Festival, we had such a fun time keeping it cool in the Green Chimney early on (below) and then letting rip after dark till late in Jim's Acoustic Cafe

But check out this wonderful video that Brian did of my giant pooch

Video: Brian Usher

And to finish off my fortnight I had tea and cake Brienne (my niece) Oh what joy!

Tu rahh!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Molly and Me


I made my way from South Ken on Tuesday up to see my friend Molly the fabulously decadent fashion wizard, only to be greeted with a hollywood smile and a whole lotta strawberry tasting fun.

Above: A selfie in front of Mol's new beautiful painting of New york........................
Mirror mirror on the wall who has the biggest oversized specs of them all?

We had such a wondreful time talking fashion and painting over a green tea, we sure are  (in Molly's words) kindred spirits!

Scrumee strawberries in the magical world of high colour, dripping with glamour

Next I was off to the C.A.C to meet friends, Molly didn't fancy it this time, so the club will have to wait till next time for our big entrance although it could easily be Vout O Reenees for us girls!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Supersize Me

Did you see the article in the Ribble Valley Mag? A super size image of Anthony Lycett's photo of my studio, me in fuctional clothing items, out with the tricksy and in with the easy!

I've been a busy bee all week with my last painting for the Show in October, although it's only been two weeks, it's coming along nicely yet some days I can get restless, turn to the clock tick tock, what to do, I'm not hungry, too early for a drink, paralysed by a combination of indecision and lassitude......quickly Joejoe into a yoga pose, yes this will help body and mind, then back into the work in no time and I didn't think about the pub across the road as I was upside down,  not once..... honest!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Hello Sunshine

The weather arrived and so did I....South of France? Pfft...nope North Wales, the cool set would head for North of this place to find the most comfortable coast, the wildest beaches and the best surf, just the right side of swish for me and I fancied getting to know my own little Island a little better, it was so picture postcard unspoilt coves and wondrous for my artistic juices to re charge oh and perfect for Montee the studio tech and his Buddhist outlook on life.

It was a blooming marvellous time for letting ones hair down....spreading ones wings or as I like to do on my hols...let me arms out

Below me with bubbles (like you do when you're camping)


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Look Again

It's time to boldly go where you haven't been for sometime: yes my latest work has returned to Arteology in Colne, while mainly painting has been my work style of choice, with this show it's my drawing making a comeback in a larger form. The appeal is that you can pick up a descent size piece  for a much smaller price and Lesley and David (at Arteology) will do you a deal on the framing - but I like them raw on the wall with the bull clips but hey come and see.....and you'll also get to meet "Nursy" one of my biggest paintings to date!

The Half Way Through Show: Out Of My Head

Continues until Sat 2nd August

breaking through and opening the show!


So with a lot of the work done before it goes of to London later on I will now take myself off in the Campervan  for a couple of weeks. Now did I pack them shorts with the flowers on? No...I thought I had, oh dear well at least I'm planning ahead to avoid sartorial stress...ho ho.....I will have it sorted by weekend then Boom! Wales here I come.

But before I go, more shots have come to my attention from the CAC Summer Ball

John and Nicloetta                                                       Anji and Brian
Cat in the Hat working it

My fave, Clive, Sister and I

To just end on a sad note I found out yesterday a pal of mine Steve Pickles, artist, my college lecturer and friend has died, he lost his fight with cancer ....pancreatic..a real bastard. I am so sad about this horrid news, and was waiting for him to get better and kidnap me again (I knew he had plans to)

RIP my friend

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Razzle Dazzle Ball, Chelsea Arts Club




Sister and I



Sarah kept the drinks topped up

 Caught me a Sailer

 Nicoletta (above) and I set out to have an extraordinary evening.....yes you could say we did, we both don't remember getting home and I found my hat on top of the wardrobe!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Anthony Lycett

I was thrilled to find out that the photographer Anthony Lycett wanted me to be part of his "The Studio: the home of Art" project and he agreed to come up North and take my picture. Now I've seen some of his fabulous photos which threw me into a state of confusion as all of you that know me will know, that I like nothing better than to dress up but this project of Anthony's is all about artists and their space
"What do we define as a studio? It is a space full of ideas, creations and dreams. What we see is the personalities of the artist, the nuances, which doesn't just emanate from their work but is greatly influenced by their unique surroundings" Anthony Lycett

So I was thinking boring old ambulance suit as always, but all was suddenly sorted when I received the email saying....now Joe you will dress up, and all I could think of was Yay!

Photo from my shoot in Pendle, click on image to view better.

He was a lovely chap and his girlfriend Sophie was a delight, she even helped with ones hat! They then went off on a Pendle Hill jaunt but also making the most of our wonderful witchy whereabouts for more super shots.

Next up, the C.A.C Ball on the 21st June, the theme is Dazzle so watch this space to see what you can do with a prison suit, some painted shoes and a few cans of coke.

It's an outrage!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Miserable faces on the Tube, negative tweets really getting to you? Well get yourself down to                  Vout-O-Reenees

 Theres's only fun to be had! And that's just what we did on Thursday eve to celebrate the openning of the most fabulous new club in London!

Above and below, founder members Molly and I following the yellow brick road

 Checking out the loo's and and getting things sorted before the rest of the guests arrive

Below with John and Molly in the garden room as we await the rest of the new members.

Molly cut the red ribbon and the evening was off to a bang (below with her daughter Sophie Parkin, club proprietor)

 Us girls fashionably in a cupboard, just take some banging bright fruit-bowl effects in a cloakroom and come out with a  personality.....what goes on in the copboard stays in the cupboard

So Hurrah for the new club and the super work Sophie and Jan have done with it, and now I'm very excited about my show with them at the end of September early October. We had an amazing night and lots more of them to look forward to!

Next I was off to Appletreewick for a weekend away with the fairies for my birthday camp, well I hate posing on my own so I grabbed my bearded clan....... say CHEESE!