Friday, 15 August 2014

Molly and Me


I made my way from South Ken on Tuesday up to see my friend Molly the fabulously decadent fashion wizard, only to be greeted with a hollywood smile and a whole lotta strawberry tasting fun.

Above: A selfie in front of Mol's new beautiful painting of New york........................
Mirror mirror on the wall who has the biggest oversized specs of them all?

We had such a wondreful time talking fashion and painting over a green tea, we sure are  (in Molly's words) kindred spirits!

Scrumee strawberries in the magical world of high colour, dripping with glamour

Next I was off to the C.A.C to meet friends, Molly didn't fancy it this time, so the club will have to wait till next time for our big entrance although it could easily be Vout O Reenees for us girls!

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