Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Much at Mill

New beginnings at the moment at the mill..... well we started with a secret cinema, every few weeks the artists will now get together and embrace a film themed evening, we kicked off with Caberet, bubbled up some pop corn, and the night began!

Good effort from everyone although Karen brought out the big guns when she turned up as the lions made icecream girl for the interval....Brother Roger tucking in or should we say Sally


Julie Miles is now on a count down for "Pot Fest"starting this coming no breaking any pots Julie and keep making those emergency fish...below more fish, just in case!

And I have even started a new piece, the gloves are out and the mess begins, good to get out of Sylvia's head and back into mine.

Me below, papped, all in a days work you know!


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A is for Arteology

David and Lesley Turner have extended the viewing in the North of my Sylvia Plath paintings by putting on a show of my work in their contemporary art space at Arteology, Colne.

The prieview went with a bang or should I say Punch as that's exactly what we were serving, in Sylvia's honour ( a slight twist on a Boston Cooler) with a few added secret ingredients making a sparklingly brilliant and original broth the Plath Punch!

We sent some shivers around the gallery as Sylvia's voice recited "Daddy" composing the mind and awakening the senses and hopefully this sharpened the viewing. A great time was had, and this show is now on til 10th Aug..... so pop along!

Pics below and it's too hot in this attic to do more. Ta ta

Friday, 5 July 2013

Slap Happy

How Much is too much? Well to be clear on the matter- too much lipstick ruins kisses, but when it comes down to it for a night at the Chelsea Arts club, well, the whole joy of make-up is too much make-up, so check me out with those cat in the Hat big party eyes.

On top of the panstick went powder, on top of powder went eye shadow, on top of eye shadow went lashes, on top of lashes went liner, then mascara, feathers, a hard crust of glittering stones, and finally a sweeping moustache, a slash as brash as a monkeys dash.

More pics to follow from the do.....

Below the Arts club as I arrived for the Heroes and Villains do, and a total of £40,131 was raised and the evening was a great sucess!

Gosh I've only been home a week and I go again in two days, busy busy.

In the mean time, have a look at this: Coming to the Mill on the weekend of the 27/28th July is a one man show about living far away from home, using animation, storytelling and spoken word, so get your tickets booked!

Box office:  07906 009084       £6...........If you haven't heard of Fergus Evans, you soon will!

And now for food for thought, below, it's sooo true!
Sent to me from my super new friend Mike at the club.