Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A is for Arteology

David and Lesley Turner have extended the viewing in the North of my Sylvia Plath paintings by putting on a show of my work in their contemporary art space at Arteology, Colne.

The prieview went with a bang or should I say Punch as that's exactly what we were serving, in Sylvia's honour ( a slight twist on a Boston Cooler) with a few added secret ingredients making a sparklingly brilliant and original broth the Plath Punch!

We sent some shivers around the gallery as Sylvia's voice recited "Daddy" composing the mind and awakening the senses and hopefully this sharpened the viewing. A great time was had, and this show is now on til 10th Aug..... so pop along!

Pics below and it's too hot in this attic to do more. Ta ta

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