Monday, 29 August 2011

Trouble at Mill

It was Barrowford show yesterday and the artist team "trouble at Mill" were entered for the tug of war, as you can see they were well into it although tuther Mick was missing as they all warmed up moustache  twitching, muscle stretching.

Here he comes, I think he got time wrong or maybe hadn't finished his Black pudding breakee!

Heave Heave.....PULL!

They did un believable at first and won both games! But me thinks to much to soon as the other guys had them after that although my god take a look at the Anchor and his mate on the big bruiser team they were against

They ended up with third, so at least they got Bronze. Eyes on the Trophy next year guys!

Hey isn't that D.D.Lewis from "Gangs of New York?

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