Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cut and Paste

Now I know it's been really to long this time....cue rolling of eyes, but believe me I've not stopped! So no I haven't been in a coma.....I've moved house, moved studio and I've also been working, constantly. I was funded by the Arts council to produce the show "Cellotape" which kicked off late last year in Pendle and now travels just over the border to Yorkshire, next up Arts Mill, Hebden Bridge for the first Sunday in May, P.V details to follow.... if you can all make it, well see you there and well if you can't it will hopefully coming to a gallery near you late this year.

Below: "The Big Easy"  and "I Pissed My Pants"from the new show Cellotape.

super shots by Matt Riley!

Although my time was short last year I did find time for the Ball, I always do but this time it was Chelsea Arts 150th, so folks went all out, at the arts club as usual,  but me and the lovely Jane Hoare went, well "Far Out" 60's man as the theme was Chelsea through the decades and after hanging out in wonderland for a while we then danced the night out until our ears fell off..grooveee

Hanging out with Jane Hoare and the best of the rest!

Above Natasha and I
Cary and Clive

Whinny, Brian, Jane and Anji

Oh and I did fit in a couple of PV's...well one's got to mingle!

Above: hanging at the Herrick Gallery top and with John Baldwin at his fabulous new show, Dean Clough.

And I was snapped by Peter Clark whilst in the French

Above... hanging with Hilary.

Well one has to pop in?

 Which reminds me, I have this study (below) going up on the wall there soon,

so I'll just have to pop back...any takers? French House, Easter?

So with Spring round the corner and mornings getting brighter, I feel like I've come out of the Winter and my work is going well for 2017, it looks like my studio has been taken over by some alien autopsy but the experiments are still going good and I'm now looking forward to the  next PV, I hope peeps will love it or hate it, I would hate to be in the middle of things.  So please expect to inject some uncanny into your everyday, come and meet my new characters / friends and this outburst of colour with my offering for you all to ponder.

"Cringe"...he'll see you there!

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