Friday, 14 February 2014


Our arts officer tied the knott just under a week ago, the venue looked beautiful as did the bride! I felt like I was in the middle of outside candle lit dinner party with a old fashioned war time feel, what a super doo!

below Kirsty and John on their magical night

congratulations and a special happy Valentines day to you both, oh and that's a child running past the picture, don't worry John hasn't lost control of his trousers!

Now how could I forget to blog my viewing of the Chapman brothers show?

"Come And See" at the Serpentine the other week was full of familiar horrors, gooey and funny things on diplay!
On the way in you were hit with ku klux klan pointy hatted smocked people with rainbow socks and hippy sandles then zombies, nazis, tiny Mcdonald crucified hundreds of times with attention to detail, table top brain experiments, mock torture, maggots and hellish (funny) things.

Those mischievous brothers are always sniggering at someone with their sculpture, paintings and works on paper assault on western capitalist society.
Oh yeah it's sick and I think very funny, my kind of humour though.

Below: Come and see

above my fave "cardboard worm skull"

Oof to see the Bruce Nauman show now so Happy Love day! Toodles

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