Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Another night, another Art jolly

I was looking forward to blogging the celebration of paint, as in my new found supplier Winsor and Newton, they saw the article about my work in the Guardian and phoned to see what I needed, GREAT! So I wanted to share the opening of the first box of oils etc before I go on me Hols, I was told yesterday it was only just posted, you can imagine it will be like Santa has been. So I turn to practical dressing, the pics that have at last come to my inbox of parties a few months before, below with my lovely friends the Passey's (Easter Hat for the club)

Jan wasn't to keen on my socks with this look, but I thought they added a Wonker edge!

Now, dressing for the British summer isn't easy so I opted for keeping oneself warm with a housecoat look with statement ears for this Sussex do, I went for the 1-2-3 approach; hat, pipe and frock combo. If it ain't broke, why fix it?   BelowAnji and I, oops more Wonker!

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