Friday, 4 October 2013


I just got to see this show at Liverpool Tate this week before the close this coming Sunday, Chagall, modern master focuses on the artist's time in Paris before the first world war and the years spent in his native Russia (1914-1922)

It was a very exciting day for me, Chagall was one of the first influential artists I came across when I decided to paint  so I couldn't wait to see his work for real.

Above will a favourite of mine that I have only seen in black and white before now and below checking out some close up texture!

'I love love. What else should I have depicted if not love and our destiny? Love helps me find the colour. One could even say that it finds the colour for me; I only have to apply it to the canvas. It is stronger than I am and it comes from the soul. That is how I see life.' Chagall

A fantastic day out although some paintings I hoped to see I didn't, but I saw some wonderful drawings I had not before.

Fed's map with no Fred, oh dear.

But the Tate looks good!

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