Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stick To The Plan

Into the water duckies, with some sticks and a net, that was the plan this gone Sunday and I was in for 10.30am!

Lucky I was all set with my stylish Autumn/Winter under and on top of water wardrobe, of course everything goes with this super new look that Kerry Morrison and myself put together for her litter bug river piece, I take that back, I only made the hat.

 Kerry and oneself, before we started, we were totally runway I mean water...way ready with these babies!

Film crew (one of the three)

After a particularly punishing slippery long walk, me down stream and Kerry up, my foot got stuck in some kind of quicksand and Kerry at one point went full on in, past the waders oops....also litter collecting to bring tears to your eyes we got to our destination....top of an ugly park shelter for tea....
AAAAAAAh now you can't beat a cuppa!

We had a super day all though it was hard work, are these lassies the new power duo? Watch this space as they say,  thanks to the folks that came to find us, thanks to the eels for not showing up and thanks to the lads that filmed us!

  PSST....... we hope people get the litter bug message!

Oh and honest, this is not mine, even if it does have my initials on it.

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