Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Feast On These

It is perfectly possible to find yourself corrupted by a marvellous spread of Tea and Cake. Rogee's cake below..YUM
In fact you have to be very careful that a piece might just jump onto your plate of it's own volition. People at my "Tea and Cake"do last Friday said this was the case!

So thanks to all that came as it was a fantastic turn out, and I cannot thank the peeps that made cake enough. Back to what I was saying, don't be silly now, cakes do not jump onto plates......... Gin, however , is another matter, bottles do jump into shopping bags, but even more strangely, when you look it's half empty. SPOOKY....What do you think hey Julie?

To finnish my Blog I would like to say goodbye to Cat, Mary's lovely cat died early this week so we went to a magnificent spot to see her off.
We did a few songs, banged a few drums, it was quite upsetting but also just right.

Mary below having a few words

Mary and David saying goodbye and the basket we tyed up with ribbon.

Montee dog will miss their big sofa stare offs. See you next time Cat.XXXX


  1. Joe,
    We Love You
    You Perfect Creature.
    Cat x Mary x .

  2. Blessings to 'Cat' & Mary Naz xx