Saturday, 18 May 2013


I went to visit my good friend Vic at the end of the week at Dean Clough, you know to sort things for the new show, anyway he has now brought the show forward to the 22nd June and it will be on for one week only so diary that and see you there 12 til 2pm .

We had a bit of fun, we had a bit of cake, even had a giggle with Doug over a tea, what a fine painter he is, below one of Doug Binder's classics (well my five anyway)

Vic was on form as you can see going with a pirate theme

Phil below was kind enough to take me and then was quite taken with this small Lego sculpture

One of the biggest around and that's just Phil!

I had a argument with a bunny!

But the most exciting thing for me was the room they've chosen for my new work, it's fantasticly grand and most elegant and will show off my work in such a setting that you can only see them to their best advantage!


Fun was had last night for the start of my birthday weekend balloon dog amusement (thanks to Miss Julie Miles) peeps below after to much pale ale

I had a sooper dooper time and the food was Ace, got the painting done for the Chelsea arts club also so that's now off in the post

title: I can't blab such blibber blubber

And I'm now off for a birthday camp, the sun will come out tomorrow, just you wait an see!

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