Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Witches Galore

There's a Tidal wave of Witches in Pendle and for once you might say it's not a bad thing! My show has been greatly recieved (and still two days to go) books, sculpture and talks all on the positive side of what happened in 1612 and roll up roll up, last week Anita Burrows turned a ordinary library into a exciting situation by openning a show of a oridignal prints by Paula Rego in Colne, courtesy of Marlborough Galleries, London.

Anita with the prints

All mill folk turned up for the event and even John B popped in from Silverdale to grab a butchers, John below with three of the prints

PSST! I have moved back to my own studio but lets keep that on the quiet side as who knows what will go wrong next, Hey lets hope NOWT.

Picnic peeps helping me move back in, below

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