Monday, 20 August 2012


My friend Phil and Pendle Hill have been the talk of the town around these parts for some time. He's been in local and national press from the beginning of the year, he only wanted to put 1612 on that hill for the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch trials, it shouldn't make a difference, it shouldn't get in the way, but it does in the lives of local folk! It was going on, it wasn't going on, he could do it, he couldn't do it, so you know what he just went and did it! And we all commend him, even people that say they didn't want it must appreciate the hard work? No maybe not, grumps and critics ought to have a bad mood forecast at the top of the hill, gloom and scattered cynicism all round for the next few days but I am tickled pink. He only has til Wednesday, then it's off, what a shame, would of been nice to have a month!

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